Our Startups

We back world-class entrepreneurs before their success is known to others. We don’t focus on any one sector and we look to our founders and network to help identify Somali’s next big talent.

The first Aviation Training School in Somaliland offering courses in: Diploma in Airfare and Ticketing Management, Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew, Diploma in Aviation Management and Bachelor of Science in Aviation

A digital marketing and content creation agency that provides social media management services as well

Hargeisa Diabetes Center is in the specialty hospital industry to provide diagnostic and medical treatment to inpatients and outpatients with diabetes or diabetes related ailments.

The only online business directory in Somaliland.

Is a digital platform which enables customers to pay their utility bills.

A dynamic technology firm which specializes in Software Development.

An Agro advisory firm which provide effective, time location specific advisory services to Somali farmers

Aims to make travelling to Somaliland an unforgettable and smooth experience by connecting tourists to hotels, car rentals and tour guides.

Makes learning easier and cheaper by providing a wide range of online courses including Accounting Packages and Secondary School.

Baana Group was founded in 2017. Baana Group is a first company established in Somali regions that provides top quality of Plumbing services, Electrical services, HVAC services (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and Security and fire alarm systems. Baana has been serving customers mainly in Hargeisa but also all areas throughout Somaliland for the last two and half years. It provides 20H/7days plumbing solution and installation, maintenance, and repair of Air conditions, Solar systems, heaters, Security and fire alar m systems, CCTV Biometric devices.

Fariid App is a Mobile Payment App that uses the existing payment systems to simplify how users send and pay money. Both Zaad and eDahab users can send money from the same platform. It uses “QR codes” to encode merchant numbers so the users can easily scan the QR code and then send the money, this process is relatively very easy and accurate and it will reduce the mistakes of sending money to the wrong number. This is the first time it is used in the whole of East Africa.

Guuraaye is an online truck hiring company, it makes the entire process of moving homes, offices and goods within and between cities. What Guuraaye does is it integrates all the available trucks in the market and gets them in real time feasibility of users to book a truck on our website, smartphone app or through our land line number.

Kirosom Real Estate Solutions is an innovative business venture with the aim of providing specialized and automated services in the real estate industry to enable customer and partner success. Since its inception, Kirosom had undertaken different activities to serve better for the population this had made the company to become more popular and gained more acceptance from the local people, private institutions, government authorities as well as international institutions operating in the country.

Mahuraan Kid's World is a diversified destination family entertainment centre combining recreation, entertainment and restaurant facilities that creates substantial drawing power. This company basic focus is children's play on fitness for one to thirteen years old children. this activities have been packaged into a safe, clean, climate controlled, supervised environment for children to have a fun.

Nasiye is the largest company of it's kind throughout somali regions, founded by young somali entrepreneurs in 2018. Nasiye gives off different services e.g. Booking Hotels, Renting Houses and Offices and also proper management in an online way. Regardless of the hard days we have been through, we have picked our selves up and found our way back once after our business closed to an end.

Plastic Venture is a start-up that recycles plastic bags and empty bottles turn it into affordable bricks, and stone pavement for construction.

Royal Technology, is a reliable IT Solution partner for small business companies, established in Hargeisa, Somaliland, provides various IT solutions such as Web Development, Mobile Development, Network Solutions, Managed It (Out Sourcing) IT Project Management, CCTV & Bio-Metric Access Systems

Safari Meals is an easy, quick and convenient e-commerce food delivery services that helps our customers to order food online from their favorite restaurants delivered to their doorsteps in Somalia.

Sanaag Transportation Cargo and Tour Company is skyrocket business driven by technology that currently growing fast, This company was founded by a group of youth professionals with innovative System of local transportation, cargo and tourism services.

SmartSom s a tech-driven company that focuses on developing solutions to current challenges facing businesses through technology. SmartSom provides a variety of services and products for customers tailored to their needs. It’s mission is to lead success in business clients through technology, achieve the reputation of a quality, high standard & reliable products, solutions & services provider in the ICT industry.

Sombrand, a leading digital marketing and branding company based in Hargeisa and a creative digital agency with a diversely creative team, working together to craft out-of-the-box designs for companies, provides top quality services in mobile & web development, digital marketing and branding services.

Somrise is an emerging software firm in Somaliland producing world-class quality software for its clients since 2018. We produce intelligent and powerful software which completely maneuvers our client’s job competently. We are committed to continuous advancement in our intellect and expertise and thus accomplishing our success through the pursuit of elevated performance and quality. We believe that our job is to listen, research and understand the requirements unique to each individual business.

Tamartic is a design agency that integrates strategy, creativity, and technology that delivers customer-centric solution beyond design for the Somali market and help its brands to grow. In Somalia, design and branding are new fields in the country and the primary providers of design services are digital printing companies, followed by a few numbers of advertising agencies that mainly focus on marketing, not design and quite a few amateur freelancers.

GEELDOON ONLINE MARKETPLACE is a large and fast-growing e-commerce company registered and based in Somaliland and operating in Puntland. It provides a click-away solution for online sellers and buyers with it's B2C e-commerce platform. The company allows sellers to showcase their products, and buyers to shop at their positions.

Green Farming (Heego Foods) is a professional agricultural solutions company dedicated to successful, sustainable and profitable organic agribusiness both as a leading local model integrated farm, combining a commercial fields and greenhouse cultivation, and a comprehensive out grower system.

SOFTSITE is a web & software development and design firm based in Somaliland. It was founded in December 2016 in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The company develops and designs attractive and user-friendly software and websites. Moreover, services offered by Softsite including web designing, database development, CCTV & fingerprint Installations, Local Area Network (LAN), E-marketing, and ICT-related trainings and consulting.

Dhalaan (Nomad Kids) is a culture-inspired brand. Providing a comfy and stylish clothing for the Somali mothers and their babies. It's heritage has a beauty that should be celebrated and shown to the world. Somalia is the second highest fertility rate country in the world after Niger. At Nomad kids, it is triggered by the need and high demand for baby goods so why not build a brand of it's own that represent us in every way.

SomaliCV is an end-to-end human capital solutions company. Combining several services such as advertising, and software development and design services to help companies find, hire and manage great talent. As an industry leader, it works with companies to provide cutting-edge solutions for everything from recruiting to employment screening and human capital management.

Green Architects is a professional architectural firm equiped with and skilled in the art and science of designing unique environments for living, working, learning and healing. It is based in Buroa, Somaliland. The company provides a full range of design services including architectural design, interior design,landscape design and spatial planning. It's professional services range from initial planning and briefing to detailed design developments and technical documentations to on-site administration is covered m as well as post completion analysis.

DALBO FOOD is a world-class online food ordering company. It is registred and based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. It covers a wide range of clients both individual and corporate clients.

YFI-TEK is a professional digital marketing company based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. It several digital marketing services such as an online marketing platform for advertisers, as well as email marketing, while offering free internet to the public places in Somaliland.

2Doon is an online recruitment company which offers professional human development services like CV writings, connecting job- seekers and employers through online platform and quick recruit process.

ELMI ACADEMY is a world-class IT Training and Consulting Centre based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The centre offers short-term and hands on, project based courses in computer science, primarily programming, front and back- end web developer, network and security, graphic design, etc. The centre also offers alumni support and job-creation through internship and software development projects.

At Cawaale Modern Décor, we transform contemporary design into legendary events to driving brand campaigns, and creating one-of-a-kind event. We develop high style concepts that are authentic and captivating for governments, corporates, wedding events, catering and preferred venues.

At Eagle tech we design Websites, databases, payroll systems, inventory management. We offer organizations and Companies opportunities to run their businesses using technology which enhances their work performance.

At AlmisJet Print and Design we provide superior service and exceptional quality printing. At AlmisJet Print and Design we know printing and we know how to consistently produce a high quality end product. We strongly believe in our ability to provide the best possible service and it’s a belief founded in a history of happy and loyal clients.

Cirro Tech is IT services providers, selling publishing products, computer devices and helping big institutions to get repairing, networking and other computer services.

At Cawiye we provide individual and Business Clients with a comprehensive computerized accounting services and a full range of IT support services including, system integration, and application development.

Guleid Construction and Transport company, we provide full range of construction and transportation related services.

We provide specialist services on Photography, Video documentaries, Dramas and preparation of other media materials. Users of our service receive the best media materials that are of high standard. We use latest media equipment and editing applications

SAMS is an agricultural tech company that uses technology and other innovative solutions to enhance farmers productivity, profitability and contributes to the overall food security of the Somali people. We are a platform that connects farmers with buyers directly, reducing information asymmetry, increasing market reach, transaction costs and provides unique range of services including market prices, crop advisory, modern farming techniques and weather forecasts.

Bilan baby & women fashion provides outstanding value for modern women and babies. We provide highest quality clothing, toddlers toys, and homeware for the lowest price. We offer quality and value for money and the type of fantastic customer service that others can’t deliver.

Brandkii is a leading Branding, Website development and Digital Marketing Company that specialize Banding development, Online marketing strategy, and custom web design.

Xasuus Reeb is a wedding & event planning startup company that caters to weddings, holy unions, anniversaries, etc for brides, grooms and family members.

Mojatumedia IT solution Somaliland is a partnership tech start up business based in Somaliland who sells unlimited hosting and domain the company design and constructs web sites for Somaliland community . Domains, Website Hosting, 24/7 Support! Join Mojatu quality and affordable websites hosting. We offer a user-friendly web based Control Panel with which is easy to manage your domain, website, emails and databases.

Anfac Software offers software such as browsers, online courses and chat apps to Somali users.

Somdeveloper makes easy accounting systems to keep track of financial activities, maintain business records and subsequently gain reliable financial reports

SOMRAS is the first Raspberry Pi hardware company in Somaliland offering Raspberry PI powered services to consumers. SOMRAS intends to provide affordable computers that can be used to learn technology.

ePocket is an electronic payment service provider that connects local mobile money wallets like zaad, edahab, etc to international prepaid cards. Once you have ePocket account you can activate an international prepaid card and load your funds to that account to enable international purchasing and selling.

iTech Solutions is a B2B startup offering IT solutions to businesses to enable them to grow faster.

SomSite is a one-stop shop for your web-hosting, domain registration, web design, SEO, digital marketing and branding.

Zapi is an online payments system built on top of Telesom’s Zaad mobile payments service that will allow businesses to setup their websites to process payments. Zapi's instant payments verification solution hopes to fill the missing link necessary to make running an e-commerce business in Somaliland as simple as it would be anywhere else in the world

Hargeisa Daily provides media management software to target Somali consumers to engage and reach them.

Guriyagleel Rentals and Property Management is an online real estate company which is in its start-up phase (7 months old). Co-founded by three young entrepreneurs, Guri Yagleel aims to incorporate Somaliland’s real estate sector with technology.

Muraadso is an online e-commerce and retail company, with a specific focus on electronics, making it easier for people to buy online.

Murad Kob are an e-Commerce company that provides a platform that allows people to view shops in the Somali regions online. It will makes it easy to pay with Zaad and MasterCard, and provides a user friendly reservation and delivery feature.

SomDev App develop a series of software for the East-African region. Their first two being a Somali version word processor and a Somali video game.

SomaliSpace.com have developed Koobe, a portal that allows anyone to get access to goods, services, book taxis and rent apartments. It will become the one-stop shop to find out about things to buy, businesses, and events in the Somali region!

Anfac Software Co. is a company that provides Somali chat app with translations. Their app will be targeted at users, NGOs and businesses to advertise, do surveys and polls of Somali consumers and residents.

NGU offer a School Management Platform that allows parents/relatives to follow their child's performance via web and SMS. Parents can access the student’s exam results and performance by sending a premium SMS.


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